Illuminate your events
with the Androled’s Robots

The Androled team comprises 1 to 4 incredible LED performers robots walking with stilts that reach 8 feet tall.  Androled designs its own costumes and distinguishes itself by the highest quality of service it provides.

Enabling excellence through passion and experience.

LED robot performance is a show to be remembered as many have never seen such an ecstatic show before. Based near Lyon, (Rhône-Alpes), the LED robots perform everywhere in France and abroad throughout the year.


Our extensive experience covers all of the types of events below and we would be delighted to advise you of what we feel we could do to raise your event above the ordinary.

Clubbing / Festivals / Street marketing / Product Launches

Opening evenings / Private Parties / Concerts / Weddings

Birthdays / Bar Mitzvah / Company evenings

Customize your event


With many integrated accessories such as lasers or customizable screens, we make your events unforgettable for your customers, your employees and guests.


For more visual impact and originality, we offer to integrate your pictures, videos, corporate logos or visuals on our screens which are placed on the chest of our robots.

Adaptable Shows

Androled performs for 1 or 2 hours, split into several parts to the highlights of the evening, in music and in the heart of the crowd.

More Options

And for those wanting more, Androled gives you the ability to use, confetti cannons, CO2, showers of sparks, glow poi which can be personalized with logos, texts or visuals.


Androled worked with major artists such as Bob Sinclar and Joachim Garraud and appeared on french TV Shows like France’s Got talent.

We enlightened the imagination of children and parents during birthday parties, bar mitzvah…

We illuminated the evening of newlyweds during their weddings.

We got crowds up and moving during interludes and highlighted products during launch evenings as on the Axe Boat.

We set clubs on fire included the biggest nightclub of Europe: Ibiza in Odessa.


Please feel free to contact us should you want any information or advice on a professional performance. We will happily look at the options with you by email or phone and without any obligation. Please specify the type of event, the date and place as well as the number of robots and the desired options.